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VDC, Inc


VDC, Inc.™ - Visible Difference Cleaning and Floor Care Systems, Inc.   


VDC, Inc.™ is a leading provider of customized turnkey floor care, janitorial  and office cleaning services. We provide complete floor care, janitorial and cleaning services from large to small businesses.  We also provide commercial cleaning and building maintenance services.  VDC, Inc.™ is an authorized installer of ultra durable, semi-permanent floor finish systems.

We are a local company that provides our services to the health care, educational facilities, financial industries, commercial office buildings, industrial sites, airports, movie theaters, new construction and many more. 

We provide our premier cleaning and floor care services to Metro Atlanta, Macon, North Georgia, South Georgia and surrounding areas.  We also provide our premier services to the Tennessee area.  VDC, Inc. provides the cleaning experience that maximizes the "inviting atmosphere"  to impress your customers and visitors and support brand identity.  

A company is only as good as its employees and VDC knows that experience counts, especially in challenging times.  We ensure our customers receive highly qualified, dependable and trustworthy professionals in their buildings.  This type of quality sets VDC, Inc.™ apart from other floorcare and cleaning companies. 

VDC, Inc.™ is a reputable janitorial and cleaning business that is locally owned and has been in business since 2001.  We are licensed, insured and bonded.  We are proud to be a Georgia Certified Drug Free Workplace company.  We have excellent references from our valued clients that we will provide upon request.  

We look forward to earning your business.  Call us today to schedule a building audit .  Ask about our semi-permanent vinyl floor care solutions. We carry the Praetorian floor finish line.    

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Why Select VDC, Inc.™?

We Customize Our Floor Care and Cleaning Services to Our Customers' Specific Needs.  This also Lowers Your Cost: 

Every cleaning and building needs are different, so our solutions are custom designed to exceed your commerical cleaning and maintenance needs.  This is one of the key ways that we help our customers reduce costs.  We plan the most cost effective cleaning and maintenance strategy, we partner with our customers on the strategy and future strategies and then we perform.

The VDC Reputation and Trust: 

Reputation and trust mean everything, especially in challenging times; we ensure our customers receive highly qualified, dependable and trustworthy professionals in your building.  This type of quality sets VDC, Inc.™ apart from other commercial cleaning companies. 

Higher Quality of Floor Care and Cleaning Services Workers:

VDC, Inc.™ has a thorough hiring procedure to ensure that our customers receive only the best!  It is a mandatory procedure that all employees are verified through a national background test check.  Our employees are screened upon hiring and have random screening throughout their tenure with VDC, Inc.™, as we are proud to be a Georgia Certified Drug Free Workplace company.  Our floor crews, cleaning crews and maintenance crews are custom trained specific to your company and building needs. 

Communication is Key: 

We have excellent communication and quick response time.  You will receive janitorial cleaning and floor cleaning information and input after every cleaning in the Janitorial Log Book provided upon first cleaning.  Management schedules routine janitorial and flooring audits on all our accounts to verify if there are additional janitorial needs or if there are any questions.  We have quick response time and are available for any cleaning questions by email, call the office phone, cell phone, fax and personal visits.

VDC, Inc.™ is a Licensed, Insured and Bonded Commerical Janitorial Service Company.  

Call Us Today or send in an email request for a Free and Honest Audit and Appraisal of your floors and buildings cleaning needs.